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Secure Solutions was set up by Adam Rutter in Nerja in 2002 to provide a
total service – a 'one-stop-shop' to English-speaking expatriates living in Nerja and along the south coast of Spain. As well as people resident in Nerja and the surrounding area, we also offer services and advice for those owning holiday homes and apartments.

Living in SpainThe aim of Secure Solutions is to help our clients sort out the bureaucracy which Spain present to us – residencias and NIEs; car importation and transfers; driving licences; tax returns, etc.

Then there are the other aspects of living in Spain which have to be considered – for example, a Spanish will; medical insurance; motor, house and contents insurances and any other insurances you may need.

Living in NerjaThis has the advantage that not only does it save time in that clients do not have to visit an talk to several different advisers, often on overlapping subjects, it also avoids the risk of misunderstaniding and the resulting confusion as well as saving the client money.

Insurance Services

• Vehicles
• Household
• Medical
• Travel

Tax Services
• Fiscal representation
• Tax returns
   non residents

General Services
• Residencia
• Wills
• Vehicles


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