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Car Importation in SpainCar Importation and Transfer of Ownership
If you live in Spain for more than 183 days in the calendar year, you cannot legally drive a foreign-plated vehicle and must transfer it to Spanish plates. This is no different to the requirements of the UK or other European countries.

We will complete all the paperwork and their submission to 'Trafico' and obtain your new Spanish licence plates.

Car Transfer and Ownership in SpainRemember that it's much cheaper to transfer your car to legal Spanish plates than to have your car impounded – to say nothing of the inconvenience and cost of the fines. And you are still faced with the cost of transfer.

When buying or selling a car, the procedures are very much more involved in transferring the ownership than they are in the UK. Again, we complete all the paperwork for you.

Driving Licences
As a resident of Spain your existing European licence will be able to be changed
for a Spanish driving licence, which could avoid difficulties in the future
when driving in Spain.



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