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Income and Wealth Tax in SpainTaxation – Income Tax and Wealth Tax
Spain operates a system of self-declaration, The onus is on you, the taxpayer, to complete your annual tax return and, whether you are resident or non-resident, to submit it on time. Residents, as well as non-residents owning property in Spain, are liable to income tax.

Resident Tax Returns in SpainResident Tax Returns
Tax residency is, normally, determined by physical presence. If you spend more than 183 days in the calendar year, the tax year, in Spain – or in some circumstances less – you are resident for tax purposes in Spain. You are, therefore, liable to pay your taxes in Spain whether or not you have a residencia card. Residents are required to file their tax return between 1st May and 30th June in the following year. Fines are imposed for late payment. We can advise on and complete your annual tax returns.

Non-Resident Tax Returns in SpainNon-Resident Tax Returns
If you are not resident for tax purposes in Spain, you may be surprised to learn that you are required to pay tax in Spain. You will pay Income Tax on the 'deemed' income derived from owning property in Spain and you will, of course, pay tax on any rental income. Failure to submit your annual tax return could lead to debts, including fines, building up against your property. Non-residents must file by the 31st December in the following year. Special rules apply where a non-resident owns two or more properties. Fines are imposed for late payment. We can advise on and complete your annual tax returns.

Note: Hacienda will only write to an address in Spain and, unless you are there,
you could unknowingly, be faced with late payment fines. For many, particularly
If you own more than one property, it is likely to be advantageous to appoint a
'fiscal representative' to whom Hacienda can write.
We can act as your fiscal representative.

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